Thai Chicken with Ginger

Gai Pad Khing or Chicken with Ginger, is a simple Thai stir-fry of sliced chicken, ginger, mushrooms, garlic, and onions.

Ginger delivers heat and flavor without any chili peppers. Instead you get a flavorful, fragrant dish that's healthy and quick to make.

Ingredients for Thai Chicken with Ginger

Chicken, Ginger, Onions, Mushrooms and Stir Fry Sauce

Ginger also has great anti-inflammatory properties and it boosts your immune system. Making it great to have during cold season.

Stir fry's are fast, so have all the ingredients prepped and the sauce combined before you start cooking.

Serve Gai Pad Khing with Jasmine rice, brown rice, or cauliflower rice. Leftovers can be stored in the fridge up to 5 days.

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