Cheese and Poblano Tamales

Tamales de rajas con queso are tamales filled with roasted poblano peppers and cheese. These make a great meatless and affordable filling option for tamales.

This recipe for tamales de rajas con queso, or poblanos and cheese is perfect for a beginner. It's a small batch and the tamales are cooked in the instant pot.

For the mixer method, combine the masa flour, salt, and baking powder. Then add the oil and mix again. With the mixer on low speed, start slowly adding the warm broth.

The filling is just 2 ingredients- Oaxaca cheese and Roasted Poblanos.

Spread the masa on the corn husk, add the cheese and poblano, then fold the tamale

Cook the tamales on high pressure for 30 minutes

Let cool for 15 minutes then enjoy with some salsa or crema.

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