Welcome to Thai Caliente where I share Thai Recipes, Mexican Recipes, and Easy Recipes for busy families like myself.

Picture of me, my husband, son, and daughter by the lake.

Thai Caliente focuses on Thai and Mexican Recipes, because they are a reflection of my Family.

I learned Thai recipes from my Mom and Mexican recipes from my Mother in law. I’m also a mom myself and realize the challenges and time constraints of making a home cooked meal every night.

While I try to preserve traditional recipes from my family, I also want to show that cooking doesn’t’ have to be complicated and using shortcuts like pre-cut veggies and store-bought curry paste, are great time savers.

Picutre of me in my kitchen holding a bowl of food.

I started to enjoy cooking once I had a family and realized that going out is costly!

Watching cooking videos and practicing in the kitchen really helped me gain confidence.

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In each recipe I try my best to provide you with substitutions and instructions to help you execute the recipe successfully.

However, if you’re pretty comfortable in the kitchen, you’ll understand that a lot of creating and cooking is a personal preference. So don’t be afraid to make some changes and add other ingredients to your favorite recipes.

Me holding a taco and plate, sitting at a table.

You can find and search for any of my Recipes Here.

Food brings people together, Food is Special Memories, and I’m so happy I get to share my recipes with you!

-Renee Fuentes