Tofu Prik Khing Spicy Tofu Stir Fry

Pad Prik Khing Tofu is a Thai stir fry with red curry paste. This version is with tofu, green beans, and served on a Thai omelet (kai jeow).

This recipe is very similar to Pad Prik Khing Gai, except here I'm using crispy tofu and serving it on top of a Thai Omelet. Making this a protein-packed vegetarian meal.

Traditional curry has coconut milk, but this dish just uses the curry paste as the stir fry sauce.

Add the prik khing curry paste to the skillet and a quarter cup of water. Then add the tofu back into the skillet along with the green beans.

Make the Thai omelett by mixing 1 tsp of fish sauce and 1 egg

Serve the Pad Prik Khing Tofu with Jasmine rice and on top of the kai jeow.

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