Pad See Ew  with Tofu

Pad See Ew is Thai stir fried rice noodles with soy sauce. This recipe has tofu but can easily be swapped with a protein of your choice or made Vegan by omitting the eggs.

Ingredients for Pad See Ew: Fresh rice noodles Tofu (or other protein) Chines Broccoli Egg Garlic Soy Sauce

Start by pressing the tofu in between 2 paper towels and place a heavy skillet on top for 30 minutes.

Then pan fry cubed tofu in oil until golden on each side. Remove and season with some salt.

Fresh Rice Noodles need to be microwaved to soften. Then separate noodles.

Slice Chinese Broccoli  (Gailon) or use broccoli florets.

Pad See Ew comes together very quickly, so have all your ingredients prepped.

Make a quick condiment of white vinegar and sliced chilis or jalapenos.

Serve Pad See Ew with the vinegar and chilis.

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